How to Work Less AND Feel More Accomplished (Advice from the Pro’s)

Advice from Real Entrepreneurs (with a life!)

How To Stop Work and Feel Good About Your Day

Kelly Exeter

Author, Editor, Founder of Swish Design, and Podcaster at Straight & Curlyand Let it Be

James Schramko

Founder of SuperFastBusiness — a community, blog and podcast for online business owners

Franziska Iseli

Leading marketing strategist, speaker, author and founder of Basic Bananas, Oceanlovers, and The Business Hood

Jon Westenberg

Largest Medium Blogger in The Asia Pacific, Founder at Growth Mafia, CMO at Speedlancer

Natalie Hughes

Founder of Miss Independent

Josh Spector

Digital Marketing Consultant and Blogger at

  • Focus on getting the most out of our working hours (there are lots of tips for how to do this)
  • Limit our working time in a disciplined way (there is always more to do so we need to enforce limits — either daily as most people seem to do, or by allocating times for the other things in life we want to enjoy — eg holidays)
  • Change our mindsets so that we don’t equate working hours with productivity

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