Overcoming Fear In Business (7 strategies that work)

Fear Holding You Back? You’re Not the Only One

Fear stops us from starting businesses, taking the necessary steps we need to take, having hard conversations, expanding our businesses, making big decisions, and generally many of the things that matter to us. Fear causes us to self-sabotage our good intentions and prevents us from doing the things we want to do.

Here’s what I do to Overcome Fear in Business…

1) Understand the Fear

When I’m procrastinating about doing something, it could either be that I haven’t worked out how to tackle it (in which case I need to brainstorm next steps), or that I’m afraid of taking that action. Once I realize that there’s something I’m afraid of, it helps to understand the fear in detail.

2) Work out your Worst-Case Scenario

Imagine your worst nightmare comes true (in relation to this specific fear). What would that look like? What impact would it have on you. Really try to imagine feeling what you’d feel if that happened.

3) Then Bask in your Best-Case Scenario

Promise me you won’t do the previous exercise unless you do this one as well.

4) But Expect the Middle-Ground

I hope that your best-case scenario comes true, but in reality, it’s wise to recognize that your outcomes are likely to be somewhere in the middle. Probably nowhere near the glorious heights you’d hoped, but also a long way from your worst nightmares. This is grounding.

5) Find a Way to Address the Fear Head-On

If you’ve got a persistent fear that keeps coming up and blocking you, find a strategy to eliminate this fear.

6) Decide Which Risk You’d Rather Take

Another strategy I use for overcoming fear in business is to recognize that while there are some risks with taking this particular action, there are also risks with not taking the action. What will the long-term impact be if I consistently make this choice?

7) Commit to Take The Next Step

My final strategy is pretty foolproof because even if all of the other strategies haven’t worked, if you keep doing this one over and over, you’ll succeed despite your fear!

Overcoming Fear in Business Never Ends!

Unfortunately, as long as we’re continuing to grow and stretch ourselves, we’ll pretty much always have fear to contend with. Fear is a sign that we’re outside of our comfort zones, but as we’ve all heard, that’s where the magic happens 🙂



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Fiona Adler

Fiona Adler


Hands-on director at PowerDiary.com and HRPartner.io. Writing about real entrepreneurship with practical tips and insights @ DoTheThings.com